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The N-VFF30 is a Vacuum operated lockoff designed for low engine vacuum activation.  It also contains a filter to remove foreign materials from the fuel.  It is used with high pressure LPG vapor or liquid withdrawal, where dependable fuel shut-off is required.  It can be used for many mobile powered applications , such as forklifts, floor buffers or pressure washers.

VFF30-2 Propane Vacuum Fuel Lock-Off, Forklift LP w/Primer Button, Non-UL

SKU: N00-0129A
  • This unit IS NOT UL-listed.  It is physically and functionally interchangeable with an IMPCO VFF 30-2-5, which is a vacuum lock-off device that shuts off propane flow when the engine stops running.  This model DOES HAVE a primer button and includes an internal filter and silicone diaphragm.

  • Most Items come with warranty of 1 year from date of shipment. Please contact Customer Service to determine the eligibility for this specific part for refund or return. (

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