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34" Long Liquid Propane Hose (length is measured to silver hose ends +/- 1/2");  (Our N8-1105.)  This Parker 5/16" high pressure hose is attached to the LPG tank with a REGO 7141F right-hand thread connector.  The end toward the forklift or bulkhead fitting has a straight swivel 3/8 tube fitting, which would be tightened onto the bulkhead connector.  This hose is not "crimped" therefore the hose ends can be individually replaced if damaged.


The hose shown has a 90 degree brass fitting at the tank connector as the default.  It can be configured with a straight or with a 45 degree fitting for the same price.  When ordering, please send an email to specify a different preference.  


Other similar hose lengths and components are available, please search our eBay store listings or, if you have a custom configuration, inquire by email. 


Note that all pipe threading (typically, only in the brass-to-brass connections and NOT in the tube-style connections) must be sealed with thread paste or thread tape. This is available at your local plumbing or hardware supply store. It is also available at big box stores like Home Depot or Lowes but you can also find it on our store and we can ship it with your hose.

Forklift Propane LPG Tank Cylinder Hose 34" w Rego 7141F tank connector

SKU: N8-1105
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