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60" Long Liquid Propane Hose (length measured between silver hose ends, our N8-1108);  This high pressure hose is attached to the LPG tank with a REGO 7141F right-hand thread connector.  The other end has 1/4 MPT hose end to be tightened into the bulkhead connector.  The hose ends are not "crimped" therefore are individually replaceable if the threaded ends were ever to be damaged.

It is compatible with all brands of forklifts and floor buffers including: Doosan, Daewoo, Clark, Linde, Yale, Crown, Mitsubishi, Caterpillar, Nissan, Toyota, Anhui, Hangcha, Komatsu, Baoli, Still, Raymond, Onyx, Pioneer Eclipse, Nilfisk, etc.

Hose shown has a 45 degree brass fitting at the tank connector as the default.  Can configure for straight or for 90 degree brass fitting for the same price.  When ordering, please send an email to specify a different preference.  Custom hose lengths and many hose ends are available, or for international shipping, please inquire by eBay email.  14 day returns. 

Forklift Propane Hose (LPG); 60" length w/ Rego 7141F tank connector & 1/4 MPT

SKU: N8-1108
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