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24" Long Liquid Propane Hose (length measured between silver hose ends; our N8-1103).  This high pressure hose is attached to the LPG tank with a REGO 7141F right-hand thread connector.  The other end has 1/4 MPT hose end to be tightened into the bulkhead connector.  The hose ends are not "crimped" therefore can be individually replaced if damaged. 

Compatible with all brands of forklifts including: Doosan, Daewoo, Clark, Linde, Yale, Crown, Mitsubishi, Caterpillar, Nissan, Toyota, Anhui, Hangcha, Komatsu, Baoli, Still, Raymond, etc.  Also can be used on other propane-powered equipment like floor buffers such as Nilfisk, Pioneer, Onyx, etc.

Hose shown has a 45 degree brass fitting at the tank connector as the default.  Can configure for straight or for 90 degree brass fitting for the same price.  When ordering, please send a note to specify a different preference.  Custom hose lengths and many hose ends are available,  please inquire by email. 

Forklift Propane Hose (LPG); 24" length w/ Rego 7141F tank connector & 1/4 MPT

SKU: N8-1103
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