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Automotive filter for LP-Gas, Natural Gas 312.5 PSI Max

Bulkhead Filter w/ Magnet 180 Degree

SKU: N3-0344-5
  • Most Items come with warranty of 1 year from date of shipment. Please contact Customer Service to determine the eligibility for this specific part for refund or return. (

  • • Rated working pressure, 312.5 PSI
    • Cleanable and replaceable 40 micron filter element
    (resin impregnated)
    • Orifice size .250”
    • Two 1/4” female inlets
    • Filter can be installed on material up to 5/8” thick
    • Bonded ceramic magnet traps finer metallic particles
    • Ambient Temperature rating -40°F to +250°F
    • Rated for use on LP gas and natural gas
    • Heavy duty anodized aluminum body with zinc plated steel cap, washer and jam nut

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