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This is a brand new 12 V lock off valve that has never been applied to equipment.  (Our N3-0165-1.)   This AFC-121 valve includes one 1/4" male pipe thread (MPT) brass nipple, which can be moved to either the inlet or outlet port (or discarded).

The shut-off valve is engineered for use in automotive, industrial, and refrigeration applications using LP-gas, gasoline, natural gas, compressed air, and other media.  The valve is rated for a maximum pressure of 312 psi, which is the same maximum rating that propane tanks have. 
  • Easy installation, pig-tail leads wire connection
  • Ports are 180 degrees apart and both the inlet port and outlet port are 1/4" female pipe threads.
  • 12VDC with a maximum current draw of 1A, minimum draw when fully energized
  • Every unit is 100% functionally tested for low/high pressure leaks and dielectric breakdown
  • Rated for a maximum ambient temperature and fluid temperature of 170 degrees F. 
  • Compact design, with a 10 year history of reliable performance--tested to 100,000 cycles
  • Superior quality construction, corrosion-resistant--solid brass, plated steel, anodized aluminum
  • UL listed
As an option, you can request that we add a packet of PTFE thread paste (for pipe thread connections).  You may find this item N3-0102 in our WIX store. 

We also have the associated AFC in-line filters, so please inquire with an email message and we will create a listing. 

Thank you for your consideration!

AFC-121; LPG/LP Gas 12V Solenoid Lockoff Valve; 312 psi; Includes Brass Nipple

SKU: N3-0165-1
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