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  • New Product Design for small engines! We have access to very low cost manufacturing processes in Asia
  • Electronic and Mechanical Application Engineering

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Natural Gas Engines made in the USA

Systems Engineering

In today's world no one company as the capability to offer the best solution for your engine application using just their products. The demands of price, performance, quality, durability, and support are high for every application. Balancing emissions, performance & development costs make's it difficult to compete, without teaming with others who specialize in key areas.

NGVI North America is solely devoted to alternative fueled engines, and we have experience in most areas of engine development. Our people have supported customers developing all types of engines and applications. Our focus is on the smaller niche applications where you need support to get a project done, but larger companies may not be interested in participating. Our goal is to support your project, and recommend other very qualified companies that can support you in areas we don't directly deal in, like emission certification testing and certification.

NGVI North America is connected to a broader family of companies and can offer a wide-range of products and support through this network. Through our close relationships we can offer products that cost effectively meet your design requirements.

Contact us as we will be glad to discuss what NGVI North America can offer!

Enviroguard Mower
Black Diamond Burnisher

Need application or engine design support? Please call us toll free 877-633-9169 or contact us.


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