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  • US forklift market
  • European forklift market
  • Service parts & service tool distribution
  • In-use testing support
  • US representative for NGVI, Inc (the Korean-based MOR for the engines)

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Natural Gas Engines made in the USA

Emission-certified Engine Support

Emission-certified engines have been required in the US lift truck industry since the beginning of 2004. NGVI North America has been involved in the design and certification, procurement sourcing, manufacturing distribution, customer support, and service parts distribution for all certified engine applications for which NGVI, Inc. (Korea) has been the Manufacture of Record (MOR) to the EPA and CARB.

These include base engines manufactured by GM, Mitsubishi, and Hyundai, which have been distributed in the US by Doosan/Daewoo, Clark Material Handling, and Chinese manufactures such as those associated with Baoli, Maximal, Hytsu, Good Sense, etc.

NGVI North America provides fuel system and GM base engine service parts support for these applications through the forklift OEM's established dealer networks.

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Certified Parts are sold through distribution channels, please call us toll free 877-633-9169 or contact us.


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