Key Points:

  • Custom-engineered by application
  • Dedicated natural gas or propane fuel
  • Repower vehicles by replacing an existing diesel engine
  • Exported to developing countries having their own natural gas
  • Designed for reliability on dry fuels
  • Factory warranted
  • Non-emission certified
  • Euro IV capability
  • GM 4.3L or 5.7L

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Natural Gas Engines made in the USA

CNG & LPG On-highway Engines

NGVI North America designs and manufactures dedicated alternative fueled engines for export to developing countries wanting to burn natural gas or propane in mid-size bus or delivery truck applications. These modular engines are custom-engineered by NGVI North America to be drop-in replacements for existing diesel engines, so the vehicle can be "repowered" with minimal impact with an existing transmission.

The base engines are designed by GM's factory engineers to operate on dry fuel, such as natural gas or propane. These highly reliable engines can provide power ranging from 110-140 horsepower, are capable of meeting Euro 4 emission standards, and come with a new engine warranty.

NGVI North America also provides the necessary natural gas storage and delivery system components for these mobile applications and can assist in setting up qualified local sources to lower the overall cost of the project.

Engine 1
Engine 4

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