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NGVI NA's business consists of five primary areas of business:

  • Engine Systems Development for alternative fueled applications of all types.
  • Manufacture of Engines/Components for the Medium-duty natural gas bus market.
  • Multi-Point fuel injection for alternative fueled vehicles.
  • Exclusive part supplier for EPA Certified engines supplied by NGVI Inc. in Korea used in many of the new OEM lift trucks sold in the USA.
  • Manufacture of fuel system components for all types alternative fueled engines used in both vehicle and stationary applications. These products are sold under the Streamline™ brand name.

NGVI NA works with other independent companies in a close business relationship that can benefit all parties on a global basis. Some of these companies include NGVI Inc. in Korea, KNC Inc. in Korea, NGVI-Thailand, Woodward, General Motors, and others. The benefit of close coordination is to combine product development and marketing efforts whenever possible to leverage the investments made around the World.

NGVI NA's quality management system:

  • Our quality management system is certified to ISO 9001:2008.
  • This demonstrates we have implemented a reliable system of producing and delivering our products and services.
  • The focus of our system is two-fold:
    • Providing consistent products and services.
    • Continual improvement in our processes leading to better results.
  • A copy of our ISO 9001:2008 certificate can be viewed and downloaded at this link.


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